Kulture Wears is based in Indianapolis, IN, that has strong grassroots in Southside Jamaica-Queens, NY. We represent the sound, the movement, the language of old school hip hop in today's culture. Kulture Wears is the ultimate brand that mirrors the culture of old school hip hop providing an outlet of expression through our wears. Kulture Wears connects menswear, womenswear to streetwear in today's modern hip-hop.

Old School Hip-Hop has always been the voice, the movement, the Kulture , art, and language that comprises educators, poets, music, and dance creators in its illist form. The story that is told for generations against a nation of people. A Kulture that is underestimated, undervalued, suppressed, and marginalized because of our truth of street life.

The injustice and police brutality we face as a Kulture will never be suppressed. The Kulture brand represents the old school Hip-Hip movement through our wears. Our apparel is an expression that the Kulture has not changed. The movement still is a priority. As Chuck D from Public Enemy so profoundly says "Fight The Power", Kulture is the ultimate brand that fights against the same system.

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