WDi Architecture is a local architectural design firm with more than 24 years experience serving the Indianapolis area.  Our principal and key employees each have more than 30 years experience.  We offer a full range of architectural services including space planning, building/design assessment, building design, interior design, and construction administration.

Our experience has taught us that each client and each project has a unique set of characteristics and that no one approach is appropriate for all.  Therefore, we try to tailor our approach to those unique sets of characteristics.

In order to do so we find it helpful to begin each project with a meeting or series of meetings with the stakeholders so all the design team members and stakeholders can become familiar with each other and the design team can begin to get to know and understand the stakeholder’s objectives for the project.  As this process is underway, we also endeavor to understand as much as we can about the physical constraints impacting the project, we need to assemble as much information as we can about the existing conditions.

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