From humbling beginnings our Founder/Creator Extraordinary BOOTSTRAPPED this Brand from Soup to Nuts. She was born in an impoverished neighborhood in 1968 to her parents Sidney Lewis and Annie Bell Thomas. She’s been a fighter since birth. The youngest of (9) nine children she always dreamt of owning a business of some sort. Not, knowing why she had dreams of entrepreneurship, but it would be revealed decades later.

That chance came in the Fall of 2011; after working in the Tech Industry for over 8 years she was fired and decided NOT to look for full-time employment but, instead she attended Brooklyn College full-time to achieve her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Legal Affairs. She worked on her craft of entrepreneurship at night and attended classes during the day.
While vacationing in Tucson, Arizona with her late husband Kevin, she discovered her passion for Organic Bath and Body products. That one trip to a Boutique in Arizona would reveal one of her passions.

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