We believe that Christ is the heartbeat of all we do.  From outreach to in-reach, we believe that God sent his only Son to not just die for us but to give us new life in abundance, to the fullness, until it overflows! We know that we were guilty of sin and Christ became the ransom and paid the ultimate sacrifice, which was his life for us


Our mission is to win and disciple imperfect people for the perfect work of Christ. God made man in “His” image. That means he cares about people and so do we. We are committed to pulling God-given, perfect potential out of imperfect people


In Matthew 25 Jesus said that when he was hungry, naked, in prison, and sick, that we as a church met his needs. Confused, (because that was 2000 years ago), he said when we do that for our community, we do that for him. We are committed to holding up our end of this commandment to our community.
We are increasingly becoming more and more diverse and we love it. We are blessed with all types of unique backgrounds, burdens, and baggage, yet with similar dreams and desires. From the corporate executive to the excommunicated, we all are an ex-something. Having this much diversity is a glimpse of what Heaven will look like.

Service Times:

  • Sunday Mornings at 11:30AM
  • Wednesday Mid-Week Service at 7:15PM
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