Kelsey Taylor is Founder & President of Taylor Made Wellness. She is a certified personal trainer with the International Fitness Professionals Association, a sports nutritionist and a strength-training instructor with more than 20 years of experience. Prior to starting Taylor Made Wellness, she worked at Angie’s List as the Wellness Director/Personal Trainer for ten years, and was instrumental in building their culture of wellness and designing nationally recognized programs. Kelsey also serves on the advisory board of the Wellness Council of Indiana; the board of directors of Girl Talk INC; Member of the Indiana Workplace Partnership; and she volunteers with the Dove Recovery House for Women.

In her free time, Kelsey enjoys any activity that pushes her to work hard and improve her own fitness and wellness goals such as cooking, indoor rock climbing, indoor cycling and canoeing. She likes watching her nephew and nieces play sports around Indianapolis and traveling the world to watch her daughter compete as a professional athlete.

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