Nathaniel K. McGuire is a highly sought-after Marriage and Family Counselor and Life Coach based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Nathaniel is the creator of the Fear Interview, a technique that allows people to hear what Fear itself lies to them about so they can overcome Fear and live their true purpose. Nathaniel is the Founder and CEO of Empower Counseling, Coaching, and Spiritual Direction, LLC. Launched in 2013, Empower CCSD now includes Mentoring, Life Coaching, a Mental Health Coalition, and a Not-For-Profit organization to provide mental health services for those in financial need.

Nathan has extensive experience working with the African American community in Indianapolis. In fact, Nathaniel was the first African American male with a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling in the state of Indiana and has a strong understanding of how to make both adolescents and their families comfortable with mental health work.
He has a deep knowledge of the stigma that keeps many in the African American community – particularly males – from seeking help for mental health issues. He works hard to tackle their trust issues head on.
His counseling practice consists of the seamless integration between clinical principles and indisputable spiritual truths to help individuals see themselves so they can ultimately heal. Areas of specialty include: Trauma, Childhood Wounds, Abandonment, Anxiety, Communication, and Reconciliation.

Nathan earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Pastoral Administration (Greek Minor) from Crossroads Bible College (Indianapolis, IN) and earned his Master of Arts Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Christian Theological Seminary (Indianapolis, IN). Nathan is a loving husband to his wife, Tayisha (Boyd) McGuire, and an adoring father to their two children, Kyla Jaelle and Jonathan Ephraim.

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