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  • April 20, 2024 4:39 pm local time


We are looking to give Indianapolis something its gaming and cosplay community is missing, a venue for these communities to have a great time. We want to cater to, competitive gaming and casual gaming with a wide selection of games spanning multiple systems and platforms. We’d keep the spirit and the thrill of competitive gaming alive by capturing the most intense matches in the heat of the moment. Imagine, an intense Mortal Kombat match is taking place between two players, all of a sudden the match gets broadcasted on the highlight screen the biggest monitor in the venue, letting all occupants witness a killer fatality. Tournaments will be held weekly so players can have something to look forward to and keep their gaming skills sharp. In order to cater to generations of gamers consoles will range from old school to current gen with LAN Support.

Cosplayers usually wait for an event or a convention to wear the costumes they’ve put hard work into, now they have an excuse to wear them even more with cosplay contests that way they can leave the crowd in state of admiration awe. Cosplayers can also reap the benefits of discounts through cosplay day. They can get free admission for the day or even drink or food discounts.

We are looking to serve locally brewed beers as well in order to show some love to the local Indy breweries. Trust us when we say this won’t be your casual game corner, this is a step, an evolution from anything we have in Indy.

We have 4000 square feet to work with, 2000 on our ground floor and 2000 in the basement. We are located in Irvington, in the popular and historic district that encourages art, culture, and great community spirit.

Access to the lounge will require a daily fee be paid, in order to encourage the serious gamers, give it a feel of exclusivity, and drive revenue. There is also a monthly option that is more costly up front but saves the customer money vs the cost of the daily fee. Our daily access fee is $10 while our monthly access is $30. We intend to have a wide selection of locally brewed beers and drinks as well as delicious bar food. From what we’ve seen so far Irvington’s strip does not have a business that stays open late, we intend to be that business that attracts the night crowd. Also part of our business plan is hosting esports events that would be broadcasted via esports Youtube channels.

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