I vow to serve my clients with their lives, families, and goals in mind.

To know me, is to know I want MORE for you!

What sets me apart is that I have a range of HANDS-ON experience! I have done the renovations, I have hired the contractors, I have experienced the closing process as a buyer, seller, & for refinancing! 🙌🏽 I Am You!

Here’s A little background on me ☺️

🏚 I started flipping homes with a partner in September of 2017. Through that process I learned how much energy, tears, blood, & sweat went into the back end of creating a Beautiful Home for a Family 🏡

But, through those sometimes painful days, the experience I gained was PRICELESS 💎

In the end, I witnessed condemned homes being turned into the stomping grounds where family dinners would be held, where children would play, and someone would grow old.

✨That concept is truly heartwarming to me✨

I proceeded to learn more about real estate by working with a local agent. I saw first-hand what it was like to handle contracts, serve clients, and to be a representative of the community.

💫It is now my my passion to be in touch the community directly. I am eager to learn about YOUR needs and assist you in accomplishing your GOALS!💫

🏘 Let’s Work Together!

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