Girls STEM Institute (GSI) provides young ladies of color, traditionally marginalized in STEM fields, an opportunity to develop an understanding of mathematics and other STEM concepts in a meaningful and culturally grounded context. Within GSI’s rich, rigorous, relevant, and ​supportive​ context, young ladies have the freedom to grow ​interpersonally ​and ​intellectually. Through GSI, young women have access to powerful STEM learning experiences that challenge them to think deeply and critically. As STEM learners, they are empowered to use STEM as a tool for personal and social change.  GSI also reinforces the importance of higher education and aims to help young ladies develop more positive perceptions of STEM and increase the flow of underrepresented groups to upper-level mathematics courses ​as well as other ​STEM-related degrees and careers. GSI is unique in that it focuses on the whole person through the integration of STEM learning with overall wellness and well-being.  Family and community engagement are the other main components of GSI. These components aim to help parents become more effective advocates on behalf of their daughters and help support the gains made by their daughters in Girls STEM Institute.

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